What changes we have to implement in order to continue MuPAD's development?

Of course, I was not willing to acknowledge the defeat with respect to my plans for which I had worked so hard and for such a long time. So, I tried almost everything to turn around the situation:

I approached foundations and scientific societies for turning over to them the MuPAD project, I negotiated for a merger with stronger companies, I tried to sell all of MuPAD and SciFace so that only the jobs in Paderborn are saved.

All that led to nothing, in most cases a principal obstacle was the fact that we did not make enough money and that we were giving out so many free licenses. I hardly did find anybody who could understand my policy for the distribution MuPAD. Even some representatives from the scientific community believe if you do not make money out of such a development, something must be wrong with what you do. Needless to say, even this experience would not have convinced me to change course.

However, we cannot afford that policy anymore, our bare existence is at stake. In the time to come we have to earn every cent which we spend on the development of the MuPAD system.

At least for some time, because also technology funding seems completely impossible to obtain in nowadays Germany.

What are the consequences?

    There is no room anymore for free licenses. We are sadly aware, that we have to ask those 93 percent of our users to whom we gladly gave free licenses up to now, to contribute their share to the development of MuPAD.
    We have to concentrate more on strategic partnerships, in order to use joint market power and distribution channels of others for strengthening our position.
    We have to concentrate more on those sleek interfaces and the like, even if some people from academia consider that only as gimmicks.
    Our aim has to be: to change MuPAD-SciFace into a profitable undertaking, since we have found out, that even the scientific community has more respect for what you are doing if you are doing that in an economically successful way.

Once all that is achieved we may turn the boat around to row upstream again. In the meantime of course, any scientific institution who is not as short sided as some I know, is welcome to work with us, share our projects and help us to shape our vision.