Closing of the AutoMATH-Institute:
University of Paderborn ends MuPAD Project - drastic changes have to take place in planning of MuPAD's future.

by Benno Fuchssteiner

Current state of the MuPAD project

From the viewpoint of development and research, the situation was never better:

New products for the educational market are to come, a professional Linux Notebook is soon to be released, new functionality has been implemented, the efficiency of the system will be improved, striking developments are under way using our methods of software integration, developments for the web arrived at a new stage of stability, the prototype of our Online Examination Tool has had a striking success, going much further than the success it had at first. our MS-Word AddOn finds more an more friends and so on. New algorithms are investigated, and a new research project aimed at solving ODE's at a new level of efficiency has started successfully. MuPAD now has German, English, Japanese, Polish and very soon a Chinese localized version.

All this was achieved against the background that we were giving 93 percent of our licenses as free licenses to the scientific community, that as sponsors we took part in a number of public benefit programs aimed at improving the quality of IT-perspectives for our schools, and last not least, in contrast to all these commitments SciFace was able to support over the years Computer Algebra Research at the University of Paderborn by the amount of one million DM.

In contrast to that, the overall prospects for MuPAD's future are, to say the least, dim:

The AutoMATH Institute at Paderborn University will be closed (either at December 31 this year or July 31 next year), all MuPAD developers at Paderborn University will loose their job by December 31 this year (and being jobless in nowadays Germany is a desperate fate), the remaining personnel of my chair in Mathematics will loose their jobs by July 31 next year.
However, there is nothing to be said against this, but the way how we were engineered in this state led SciFace in August this year close to having to apply for the German equivalent of chapter eleven, and due to the gossips that MuPAD's development would be terminated (which in all cases where the origin could be traced went back to Paderborn University), SciFace's sales dropped, so that the situation became even more aggravated.

How could such a brilliant situation turn into one having such desperate prospects?

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